About us

The word "native" refers us to the universe of origin, roots and nature. Thus, the brand represents the origin of Paiva’s family and the strong connection to the geographic location where it lives and develops its activity, in the north of Portugal. Your history, knowledge and principles will always be the basis that goes from generation to generation and the pillars for the development of your business now or in the future.

The group consists of five business areas in which some of them stand out with their own brand.


Based on familiar farm, located in Vila Flor, was decided to improve the and grow the farm to produce an excellent olive oil with high quality. Output of this process was the launch of Azeite Paiva brand in the market.


Managing touristic apartments in downtown of Porto city, which provide a high level service with all amenities and service to the guests. Domum’s mission is that guests feel better in our apartments than in their own home.

business consulting

Strong know-how and experience acquired more than 25 years ago, working with the aim of reaching maximum customer satisfaction and contributing to increases of profitability in companies.


Washtag brand offers the complete laundry services, satisfying mainly hotels and catering customers. It is located in center of Porto.


Strong experience in garment maker for several portuguese clients, is governed by the values ​​of rigor, discipline, quality and respect.

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